I started painting in watercolour, as many do, and it remains a medium to explore and develop for me.

In my waterclours I enjoy trying to capture the sharper lines and shapes of buildings and other “edgy” features against the softer tones and shapes of the natural landscape.

I like the combination of sharp and loose treatment, and generally stick with a softer more natural palette, although my more recent interest in oils has widened my colour use significantly.

I enjoy all form of landscape, the hills and fells and townscapes.

I especially enjoy the sea and ships, and mines and industrial sites.

A recent foray into animal paintings has also been interesting.


Oils and Acrylics

Painting in oils and acrylics is relatively new to me. It was a real treat to be taught by top tutors in my short time at the Slade, especially in the techniques of colour mixing and colour use.

I have become a fan of the palette knife. I really enjoy the texture and effects that it can give with brush for the softer areas. The rapid nature of acrylics has some great effects. Oils may take a while to dry but the effects to me for some paintings are worth it especially “en plein air” – I occasionally taking my vintage tractor up the lanes to do such work,.